bilateral ties forged more7

than 50 years ago, Zhang called on both countries tZ

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??o implement the consensus reached between Chinese President Xi Jinping and Cuban President Raul C??astro during Xi's Cuba visit in 2014. Both countries need to enhancg

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e exchanges between the two m??ilitaries and parliaments to push bilateral ties forward, said Zhang. Cintra said Cuba treasures?? its friendship with China and appreciates 8

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China's help and support over the years. He expects to?? deepen bilateral military cooperation.JERUSALEM, Feb. 14 (Xinhua) -- A stray mortar struck the Israeli-heldr

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Golan Heights on Tuesd??ay night, causing no injuries, Israel's military said in a statement. "Israel Defense Forc??es identified errant fire that hit an open in the norA

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thern Golan Heights," a military spoke??sperson said, adding that no injuries or damages were reported. Errant fire from the nearl??y five-year fighting in Syria has ocJ

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casionally been spilling over to Israel, usually causin??g no casualties or damage. Israel usually retaliates the mortars with airstrikes. Israel h??ad repeatedly decS

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lared it would not intervene in the internal fighting in Syria but is wide??ly believed to carry out airstrikes at weapons shipments and have been providing medical tr??eatment to hundreds of wounded Syrians who reached the border. BEIJING, March 23 (Xinhua) -- China said on Thursday?? it is on high alert for Japan's true intentions a6

icopter-carrier destroyer Kaga wen??t into service on Wednesday. According to Japanese?? media reports, the 19,500-tonne Kaga will be used ??for surveillance. "The situation in the South Chin??a Sea is stable through the joint efforts of China ??and ASEAN countries. China and its neighbors will n??ever allow Japan to make trouble," said Foreign Min??istry spokesperson Hua Chunying. In recent years, ??Japan has played up the so-called "China threat," a??s an excuse for expanding its military, Hua said. ??For historical reasons, the international community?? and especially Japan's neighbors keep a close eye ??on Japan's military moves, shZ


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e told a z

routine press?? briefing. "We have every reason to remain on high?? alert," she 5

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added. Th4

e original Kaga was sunk by ??U.S. military during World War II. Japan should le6

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a??rn theE

lessons of history, Hua said. "We hope the ??Kaga's reappearance is not resurgej

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